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If you need to measure parts and components quickly and in large numbers – regardless of their shape – you need a TVM20 or TVM35 digital measuring microscope. All the operator has to do is place the subject on the stage for rapid measurements. TVM is ideal for taking 2D measurements of multiple subjects, when fast throughput and ease of use are essential requirements, and a great choice for a shop floor non-contact measurement system.

Large field of view for fast throughput

Thanks to TVM’s large 35mm field of view you can measure a wider range of samples in an instant. What’s more, a large depth of field means focus is maintained. You don’t have to waste time with fussy positioning or fixing: just place it, measure it, and move on to the next subject.

Sharp, flat image for improved edge detection

TVM video measuring systems use flat field telecentric optics and illumination to create a sharp image of the component on their HD monitor.  The completely flat image across the full field of view, without any curvature or distortion, enables superior video edge detection capability for the accurate measurement and inspection of components.

Exceptional ease of use

Everything about TVM is designed for ease of use. With minimal training and simple ‘place and measure’ functionality, measurements are instant and precise, and operator errors are eliminated.  A large HD monitor displays a clear video image of the subject, and the richly-featured software gives you ‘Go/No Go’ simplicity with full geometric tolerancing, and reporting capabilities.

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Shaft collar for smooth shafts/tubes. The Uhing U-Clip is the simple and low-priced version of the Uhing clamping systems. It uses a clamping ring, which is offset to the shaft and therefore clamping forces are provided. Like a bushing, the U-Clip is pushed forward against the to be fixed component and it automatically locks into position. To release, just pull the clamping ring towards the user (UC 10-16) or press at the side button (UC 20-22).

Main advantages of Uhing U-Clip:

  • Usage on both hardened and soft surfaces
  • Self locking
  • One hand operation
  • Synmetrical design
  • High self locking force compared to ball systems with inclined level
  • Corrosion protected
  • Resistant against vibration
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Brand: DLC (made in USA)

Diode Laser Concepts Inc.’s Uniform Line Generators are designed for the OEM customer looking for high performance at a competitive price.

Typical laser lines are Gaussian in their intensity profile; they have a higher output power in the center of the line with the power decreasing and fading towards the end of the line.

Although this is acceptable for many applications, some such as Machine Vision require an equal distribution of output power across the entire line.

DLC’s uniform line generators offer this equal power distribution with industry leading product reliability and affordability.

Our uniform line generators feature integrated electronics with reverse polarity, over voltage, and surge protection.

These compact diode laser modules are the smallest uniform line generators available with a diameter of either 12.7mm (0.50″) or 9.5mm (0.375″) and a length of 40mm (1.57″).

Contact us today to discuss your OEM application!

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Brand: Velmex (made in USA)

UniSlides are available in nearly 1000 standard models, all built to order. Customer are not limited to off-the-shelf products, the slides are customizable based on your required travel.

Recommended for use in applications with long travel, relatively higher load industrial applications.

  • Width from 38 to 228mm and length from 76 to 2360mm
  • Weight capacities to 180kg
  • Resolution to 0.00005″ (1.27µm)
  • More compact than ball screw-driven stage
  • Light weight, high strength aluminum alloys
  • Low friction adjustable Rulon sliding element eliminates lubrication
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Resistant to impact loads
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fewer parts and lower cost
  • Completely nonferrous models possible
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It has never been easier to get impressive images from your microscope.

All our USB CMOS Cameras come complete with software for image and video capturing.

Ready to use by mounting either onto C-Mounts on Trinocular Microscopes or insert into one of your Bionocular eyepieces.

Fuss-free setup using a single USB cable that provides the interface as well as power.

Our high value-added and cost-effective cameras have consistently met the demands in research and industrial applications.

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Compact full HD digital microscope system for quick and accurate inspection right where you need it. High quality custom-made optics and digital features combine for superior performance. Ideal for visual inspection or manufacturing quality control.

Start working immediately

Get operational in minutes with this easy-to-use full HD digital microscope, saving time and effort on training your operators.  Teams can work quickly and efficiently inspecting and assessing samples directly on the shop floor, identifying issues in an instant.

Maximise your workspace

Reduce your workstation clutter saving valuable workspace with the compact size of VE Cam. There is no need for a PC, keyboard or mouse, and if you are exceptionally tight on space, you can simply mount a screen onto the unit. With a compact mini monitor, set up has a footprint of just 25 cm x 34 cm.

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Brand: Good Hand

Toggle Action

The theoretical maximum holding or clamping force of a toggle action device is achieved when the 3 pivot points are in a straight line. To make allowance for external forces due to vibration and changing load conditions in industrial applications, the proper amount of over-travel at the centre pivot point has been carefully calculated to yield maximum clamping pressure, while achieving a positive locking position.

Holding Capacity & Clamping Force

All Good Hand Clamps are rated by their holding capacity. This rating is the maximum force the clamp will support when locked in the closed position without creating permanent deformation. This force is measured at a point closest to the base and diminishes as the end of the bar is reached. The clamping force is defined as the actual force being applied by the clamp to the work piece. This rating is not constant due to such variables as the location of force on the handle, amount of force the operator applies and the location of the spindle on the hold-down bar.


  • Hand grips are covered with an oil/stain resistant red vinyl for easy identification and to assure safety and comfort for the operator
  • All die-stamped steel parts are deburred, cleaned and zinc-plated finish to resist corrosion and creates a smooth and easy to clean surface
  • Heavy-duty rivets are used to maintain accuracy and to increase endurance
  • All heavy-duty clamps receive hardened ground pins and bushings
  • Flanged washers are supplied with all U-bar and open-bar models
  • Weld-on bolt retainers are supplied with all solid bar models
  • Toggle mechanism is designed to allow maximum clearance for ease of loading and unloading of work piece
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Bilz lab tables – vibration-insulated work places

Bilz LTH laboratory tables are vibration-insulated work places, available with a hard stone table top (type LTH) or an optical table top (type LTO). Disturbing vibrations from the environment are insulated from the table with highly-effective membrane air spring insulators while mechanical pneumatic leveling elements maintain an absolutely level tabletop. (± 1/100 mm or ± 1/10 mm). Moreover, a maintenance unit for compressed-air conditioning is included.

Laboratory tables, tailored to your requirements

Individual requirements vary a lot, especially in the field of insulated tables. At Bilz, a wide selection of special configurations regarding size, load capacity, materials, insulation efficiency and optional equipment are available.

Examples for optional features:

  • Special sizes
  • Additional holes/threads in the table top and the subframe
  • Level control (mechanical or electronic)
  • Membrane or rubber air springs
  • Vibration insulators perfectly integrated in the subframe
  • Cover hood
  • Arm rest
  • Holders for monitor, keyboard, etc.
  • Profiles and brackets for additional components
  • Sets of rolls or levelling elements
  • Different materials (wood, metal) and colors for doors, base plates/inserted plates, housing
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New steel-braided insertion tube delivers greater flexibility and durability.

This all-in-one system combines joystick-controlled, 360 degree camera articulation with on-board image and video capture capability.

  • Joystick-Controlled, 360 Degree Articulation
  • Highly Durable and Flexible Insertion Tube
  • 2X Digital Zoom
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Voice Recording
  • Super High-Intensity LED Illumination
  • LED Flash Function
  • True Portability in a compact Package
  • Battery Powered Operation
  • Integtrated Design, Essential Features
  • Easy “Viewing / Capturing / Recording”
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Operators of medical X-Ray machines are frequently in the vicinity of harmful radiations. Protect your eyes with this stylish pair of glasses with fitover design, you can wear it comfortably over your precription glasses. The XRL frame provides great fit with adjustable temples. Side protection against scattered radiation and airborne contaminants.

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Eye protection is only effective when worn, our classic series comes in a lightweight and comfortable style that is easy to wear and affordable to invest in.

Serving a global comminuity of laser manufacturers, medical and industrial manufacturers, hospitals, clinicians, pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies.

The CE Certified frame (Design Type #36) allows you to wear over prescription glasses and sports a clean-cut look.

Item is in stock and ready to ship.

  • ANSI & CE certified
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The most complete and versatile enclosure for applications requiring an eye-safe operating environment for industrial, medical and research laser systems.

ISA Technology provides you with total comprehensive solutions, from consulting to installation, we can do it all!
Send in your detailed requirements to us using our enquiry form:

Non-Laser Rated Blackout Curtains are available upon request.

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