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Brand: Velmex (made in USA)

Strongly recommended for applications where long travel length and high loads are required in the applications.

Precision Lead Screws used in every BiSlides are manufactured by Velmex themselves.

This is to ensure they are of the very best in quality: precision rolled Acme thread, hard nickel plated for smooth, trouble-free operation and long life.

StabilNut (a Velmex exclusive technology) is a solid, low friction connection between the lead screw and the carriage.

It has an anti-backlash design with fine mesh adjustment for responsive rotary to linear translation.

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Brand: Sigma Koki (made in Japan)

The SGSP Series of motorized stages incorporate 5 phase stepping motor and high-precision guide actuators to provide precise movements.

The stages are available in range of travel lengths and load capacities to meet your demanding requirements.

Uni-shaped construction with integrated rail is precision honed to provide maximum stability.

This construction results in a structure that resists the effects of pitch and yaw to provide the stability required for many applications.

Sigma Koki offers a large variety of motorized positioning solutions, suitbale for laboratory and OEM applications.

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Brand: Sigma Koki (made in Japan)

Developed from Sigma Koki’s performance-proven all-in-one guide with high rigidity.

Lightweight and cost-effective precision stages made in Japan is now available!

High accuracy ensures smooth travel, optimal for positioning and alignment applications.

The TADC range is an improvement in quality over TAM (aluminum crossed roller bearing stages).

A steel ball travelling on R grooves while in contact at 4 points secures stabilized load capacity in any direction.

  • Errors in terms of procesing and assembling is remarkably reduced
  • Cost of stages is lowered due to reduced number of parts
  • Long lifetime nad maintenance-free
  • Ball-contact structure allows high load capacity
  • Most significant improvements as compared to previous range: price reduction 50%; thickness reduction 20%; weight reduction 30%
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Brand: Sigma Koki (made in Japan)

High precision and rigidity for general applications, the TSDH Stainless Steel Stages prove to be versatile and cost-effective.

SUS440C is the main material used in the manufacturing of this product. To prevent rusting, the finish has been processed with electroless nickel plating.

By using an attachment pin, the stage is ideal for positioning while assembling with various devices.

  • Slide grooves are formed on the steel stage (bottom plate) and the moveable table (top plate).
  • The stage and the table are sintered and honed.
  • A steel ball in contact with R grooves at four points move along the R grooves to provide stabilized load capacity in any direction.
  • High precision and smooth movement due to rigorous fabrication tolerances and precise assembly.
  • The height (thickness) of the main unit has been reduced to the maximum possible extent.
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Brand: Velmex (made in USA)

UniSlides are available in nearly 1000 standard models, all built to order. Customer are not limited to off-the-shelf products, the slides are customizable based on your required travel.

Recommended for use in applications with long travel, relatively higher load industrial applications.

  • Width from 38 to 228mm and length from 76 to 2360mm
  • Weight capacities to 180kg
  • Resolution to 0.00005″ (1.27µm)
  • More compact than ball screw-driven stage
  • Light weight, high strength aluminum alloys
  • Low friction adjustable Rulon sliding element eliminates lubrication
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Resistant to impact loads
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fewer parts and lower cost
  • Completely nonferrous models possible
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