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High Accuracy, no deformation, good stability, long life, applicable to the machine shop and laboratory measurements.

Mineral composition of pyroxene, plagioclase, biotite, and trace amounts of magnetite, black color, structural precision, after millions of years of aging, even texture, good stability, strength, high hardness, maintain high accuracy under heavy load.


  • High precision, good stability and no deformation to ensure measuring precision at constant temperature;
  • Freedom from rusting, acid-alkali resistance, no need oiling and difficult to be stained with dust, simple and convenient maintenance;
  • Excellent rigidity, high hardness, wear resistance and long lifespan;
  • Tiny scratches or injury on work face can not cause convex and have impact on measurement precision;
  • There is no magnetization problem to ensure smooth movement without stagnation.

Contact us directly with you desired dimensions and specs, all tables are customized to your needs

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Bilz lab tables – vibration-insulated work places

Bilz LTH laboratory tables are vibration-insulated work places, available with a hard stone table top (type LTH) or an optical table top (type LTO). Disturbing vibrations from the environment are insulated from the table with highly-effective membrane air spring insulators while mechanical pneumatic leveling elements maintain an absolutely level tabletop. (± 1/100 mm or ± 1/10 mm). Moreover, a maintenance unit for compressed-air conditioning is included.

Laboratory tables, tailored to your requirements

Individual requirements vary a lot, especially in the field of insulated tables. At Bilz, a wide selection of special configurations regarding size, load capacity, materials, insulation efficiency and optional equipment are available.

Examples for optional features:

  • Special sizes
  • Additional holes/threads in the table top and the subframe
  • Level control (mechanical or electronic)
  • Membrane or rubber air springs
  • Vibration insulators perfectly integrated in the subframe
  • Cover hood
  • Arm rest
  • Holders for monitor, keyboard, etc.
  • Profiles and brackets for additional components
  • Sets of rolls or levelling elements
  • Different materials (wood, metal) and colors for doors, base plates/inserted plates, housing
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