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Neuromeka’s Delta is the world-class high-speed high-precision 4-axes Robot based on custom vibration suppression design.

In terms of payload capacity and workspace radius, there are two standard models.

D3 with 3kg payload and D6 with 6kg payload.

Neuromeka’s Delta Robots provide total automation solutions with custom grippers, conveyor belts and vision sensors integrated with PLCs in order to satify customers’ requirements for line automation.

Key Features:

  • FAST for productivity
  • PRECISE for variety of task with precision
  • INTEGRATED for total automation solution
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The first step to automating your processes.

The Smart Connected Collaborative Robot.

An easy and safe low-cost solution.

Cobots (collaborative robots) propose a new paradigm on how industrial robots can be utilized in manufacturing.

There is no longer a need for barriers and shields, realizing the full potential of a true collaboration between man and machine.

This is made possible by Indy’s advanced Collision Detection Technology.

Complex programming knowledge in Robotics is not necessary, allowing any workshops or labs users to increase productivity within hours of setting up.

Indy is designed and developed by Neuromeka in Korea, which is THE most automated country in the manufacturing world.

With their technology and expertise, Indy strives to strike the perfect balance between quality and price.

Indy7 Introduction Video

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Deep learning based, high-performance vision solution IndyEye.

Compatible with all models of Indy Cobots.

Unlike competing vision sensors that require demanding working conditions, IndyEye can be applied flexibly to any working environment without large space or bright lights.

Deep learning server sharing can store working objects data to respond to customer requests.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers that require igh mix low volume conditions, IndyEye can adapt to a variety of tasks and be quickly applied.

Key Features:

HIGH-PERFORMANCE vision solution with deep learning
REASONABLE reasonable price via low-cost vision sensor
FLEXIBLE adaptable to various applications

IndyEye Introduction Video

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In partnership with COBOTSYS from Korea,

we provide affordable Automation Solutions

via System Integration and Redesign of Work Processes.

Step 1: Discovery

  • Understand the intended application to be automated
  • Match customer’s targets and robotics capabilities

Step 2: Consultation

  • Visit customer to note down detailed information
  • Observe and record existing manual process flows

Step 3: Proposal (2 weeks leadtime)

  • Internal discussion to develop most suitable concept
  • Prepare video simulation of proposed solution
  • Prepare quotation of complete cost breakdown
  • Visit customer to present concept and pricing

Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation!

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