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Bilz levelling elements are used for vibration and structure-borne noise insulated machine installation. The maintenance-free machine feet guarantee the simple and precise levelling of machines and are available in many versatile designs.

The sizes and insulation pads are selected according to the application and load. The range of levelling can be adapted depending on the selected bolt length and the individual requirements.

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The Cam Machine Mounts have a long product life and provides great stability. Easily installed by adjusting the Leveling Bolt, the rubber base allows great adherence to the floor while absorbing strong shocks and vibrations. Comes in four different models for allowable load up to 4000kg. Features and Advantages

  • Quick installation by adjusting Leveling Bolt
  • Great adherence to the floor, rubber base absorb horizontal strokes and avoid displacement of machinery
  • Protection against corrosion by metallic bowl
  • Suitable for heavy machinery with strong vibration and shocks from horizontal and vertical direction
  • Long product life and provides great stability
  • Applications include: Plastic Injection Machines, Presses, Sheet-Metal Shears, Guillotines etc.
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The BiAir® membrane air spring insulator is made of turned or cast aluminium. The air space is enclosed by thin-walled flexible and pressure-resistant rolling membrane. A piston sits on top of the membrane and is pressed into the air space.

This design allows a highly effective insulation against vibration. In order to simultaneously achieve a high degree of damping, the air space within the insulator is divided into two chambers connected with an air tube (load/damping volume). An adjustable throttle valve is used to set the flow cross section to the desired damping effect from the outside. The friction in the air flow generated by the throttle valve can create a damping effect of up to 15 %. Damage to the rolling membrane due to overpressure is virtually excluded through the use of additional safety valves or a mechanical piston stroke limit.

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Highly effective insulation of machines, apparatus and aggregates from shocks, vibrations and structure borne noise

FAEBI® rubber air springs are used for the highly effective insulation of machines, apparatus and aggregates from shocks, vibrations and structure borne noise. The element comprises of a bellshaped rubber form made from high-grade elastomer with a reinforced side wall.

The constructive design does not only achieve excellent insulation properties, but also very high mechanical stability. Damage due to overload or a sudden pressure drop is virtually impossible. The air spring element has a very low degree of deflection in the horizontal direction. The inclusion of anti-slip pads on the spring element base plate means that additional floor anchoring is not usually required.

FAEBI® elements can also be supplied in stainless steel designs and made from EDPM elastomer for outdoor use (such as air conditioning). To reduce the movement amplitude in the vertical direction the FAEBI®-HD variant is supplied with additional damping.

Bilz level control systems

The mechanical-pneumatic level control (MPN) with our robust proportional valve LVC represents a simple but effective solution for preventing skew positions resulting from load changes. A plunger continuously probes the level and the position of the plunger is transmitted to a slide valve.

Shock isolation and vibration insulation

The natural frequency of the rubber air spring in the vertical direction is between 3 and 14 Hz depending on the allowable static load and variant. The maximum spring deflection in response to a pulse load is up to 15 mm depending on the type and size of the air spring.

Rubber Air Springs – Applications

Perfectly suited for source insulation of fast running presses, forging hammers and other machines and aggregates with highly dynamic disturbance forces. Receiver insulation of measuring and test equipment as well as highly accurate machine tools. Can also be combined with mechanical level control on request.

Pressure control

FAEBI® elements can be supplied with a maintenance-free pressure control unit, which is the ideal addition to applications that do not need automatic level control.

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