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The ADD-50 Anti-Vibration Pad is the most basic, easily applicable and economical solution available to tackle vibration problems.

If you are looking to reduce vibration without the fuss or precise requirements, this is for you.

Commonly used as a base under machineries which generate vibrations in the high frequency range.

They can also be placed at the four corners of an optical lab bench or other equipment subject to vibrations.

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Bilz insulation pads have been used successfully for many years in a variety of industries as an economical solution in the fight against problems caused by vibration and structure-borne noise.

Made from a precisely defined combination of nitrile rubber and cork particles embedded in a composite of cotton fibres, the physical and mechanical properties of this high-quality composite material meet all of the current requirements for various industrial applications depending on type of pad. Very good damping properties ensure optimum deflection and level consistency both under static and under dynamic loading.

Optimal material for industrial applications

The material composition used ensures secure anti-slip protection on conventional industrial floors. It has high resistance properties particularly to modern cooling lubricants.

Excellent compression set values for the insulation of modern machines

Avoiding vibration and structure-borne noise problems has always been in our focus during the development of Bilz insulating pads. Especially noteworthy are the excellent compression set values of our insulation pads. This property is particularly important in vibration-isolated mounting of modern machines because the geometric accuracy must remain unchanged and stable for years.

The right choice of insulation pad for every machine

As, depending on the type of machine, the requirements can be very different because of the dynamic particularities, there are numerous different types of pads available for almost any vibration problem.

The insulation pads are also available as pad sets, e. g. for the insulation of foundations.

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