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The ADD-50 Anti-Vibration Pad is the most basic, easily applicable and economical solution available to tackle vibration problems.

If you are looking to reduce vibration without the fuss or precise requirements, this is for you.

Commonly used as a base under machineries which generate vibrations in the high frequency range.

They can also be placed at the four corners of an optical lab bench or other equipment subject to vibrations.

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Bilz insulation pads, the well-established economic solution for vibration and structure-borne noise insulation in many industries.

Effective structure-borne noise insulation

Ageing resistance

Virtually unlimited service life with adherence to load values. High degree of levelling constancy.

  • Temperature resistance
    -20° C to +80° C
  • Chemical resistance:
    Excellent resistance to most commercially available coolants and lubricants, fuels and cleaning agents.
  • Vibration damping properties:
    Very high degree of vibration damping of up to 30%.

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