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The RGK series of Rolling Ring Drives are the latest generation of high-tech plastic bodied traversal units. Designed and built to be cost effective, their durability upholds proudly the brand of quality that Uhing has built over the decades.

RGK Rolling Eing Drives look to remove the stigma that metal is better. They are friction drives which convert the constant rotation of a plain round shaft into reciprocating motion. A unique technology first invented by Uhing from Germany, widely used in the Wire and Cable Winding industry.

They operate like nuts on a threaded bar, however the pitch both left and right-hand is capable of fine adjustment or set to zero.

This effect is achieved by using ball bearing based Rolling Rings which are designed to pivot about the shaft, their specially crowned running surfaces being pressed against the shaft as it rotates. High quality product made in Germany by Uhing.

Main advantages of the Uhing Rolling Ring Principle:

  • automatic reciprocating motion*
  • variable adjustment of traverse speed up to 4.2 m/sec max, also different from both directions *
  • variable adjustment of traverse length
  • high dynamics at the reversal points
  • low operating costs

*at constant speed and direction of shaft rotation

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In partnership with COBOTSYS from Korea,

we provide affordable Automation Solutions

via System Integration and Redesign of Work Processes.

Step 1: Discovery

  • Understand the intended application to be automated
  • Match customer’s targets and robotics capabilities

Step 2: Consultation

  • Visit customer to note down detailed information
  • Observe and record existing manual process flows

Step 3: Proposal (2 weeks leadtime)

  • Internal discussion to develop most suitable concept
  • Prepare video simulation of proposed solution
  • Prepare quotation of complete cost breakdown
  • Visit customer to present concept and pricing

Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation!

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Brand: Uhing (made in Germany)

Uhing Linear Drive Nuts (RS) are non-positive drives which convert the rotation of a plain round shaft into linear motion. This effect is achieved by pressing specially crowned Rolling Rings against the shaft and allowing them to roll on the surface of the shaft at an angle which determines the pitch.

Suitable for use as an actuator for: linear motion drives, measurement and inspection technology, materials handling systems, control systems, medical engineering etc.

Main advantages of the Uhing Linear Drive Nuts:

  • Backlash-free
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Compact design
  • Overload protection
  • High-efficiency
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Free-movement lever
  • Good sealing possibilities
  • Linked nuts for higher side thrust
  • Left and right-hand pitch on the same shaft
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Highly effective insulation of machines, apparatus and aggregates from shocks, vibrations and structure borne noise

FAEBI® rubber air springs are used for the highly effective insulation of machines, apparatus and aggregates from shocks, vibrations and structure borne noise. The element comprises of a bellshaped rubber form made from high-grade elastomer with a reinforced side wall.

The constructive design does not only achieve excellent insulation properties, but also very high mechanical stability. Damage due to overload or a sudden pressure drop is virtually impossible. The air spring element has a very low degree of deflection in the horizontal direction. The inclusion of anti-slip pads on the spring element base plate means that additional floor anchoring is not usually required.

FAEBI® elements can also be supplied in stainless steel designs and made from EDPM elastomer for outdoor use (such as air conditioning). To reduce the movement amplitude in the vertical direction the FAEBI®-HD variant is supplied with additional damping.

Bilz level control systems

The mechanical-pneumatic level control (MPN) with our robust proportional valve LVC represents a simple but effective solution for preventing skew positions resulting from load changes. A plunger continuously probes the level and the position of the plunger is transmitted to a slide valve.

Shock isolation and vibration insulation

The natural frequency of the rubber air spring in the vertical direction is between 3 and 14 Hz depending on the allowable static load and variant. The maximum spring deflection in response to a pulse load is up to 15 mm depending on the type and size of the air spring.

Rubber Air Springs – Applications

Perfectly suited for source insulation of fast running presses, forging hammers and other machines and aggregates with highly dynamic disturbance forces. Receiver insulation of measuring and test equipment as well as highly accurate machine tools. Can also be combined with mechanical level control on request.

Pressure control

FAEBI® elements can be supplied with a maintenance-free pressure control unit, which is the ideal addition to applications that do not need automatic level control.

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Brand: Sigma Koki (made in Japan)

The SGSP Series of motorized stages incorporate 5 phase stepping motor and high-precision guide actuators to provide precise movements.

The stages are available in range of travel lengths and load capacities to meet your demanding requirements.

Uni-shaped construction with integrated rail is precision honed to provide maximum stability.

This construction results in a structure that resists the effects of pitch and yaw to provide the stability required for many applications.

Sigma Koki offers a large variety of motorized positioning solutions, suitbale for laboratory and OEM applications.

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This unique air-gun attachment works more efficiently than a regular air-gun in dewatering, particles removal, cleaning etc.

PATA-Gun is equipped with a patented technology (2006-79234) and emits intermittent shock waves in broad angles, achieved by the high-speed rotation of its air spouting nozzle.

Detailed application examples and video here!

Effectively saving air consumption and time!

That is the reason why is it also known as the ECO-Gun.

Capable of 4 times the range of a conventional air-gun, you can easily shave off 2/3 of your electrical bill.

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A wide range of stands suitable for use with modular microscope heads of OD 76mm.

We have available many designs and sizes suitable for most applications in the research or industrial sectors.

Make your selections based on your sample size, requirement for bottom lighting, your existing work space etc.


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The Sutcliffe shields, with all surfaces non-reflective for safe use with the laser, come in many configurations for various applications.

The same basic piece is available modified in design to shield different parts of the body. You can shield eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids, feckles, lips, gums, teeth etc. or any tissue (deep or superficial) needing protection.

Useful during skin resurfacing, incisional procedures, skin depigmentation etc. In surgery, they can serve as an instrument for retracting tissue and as a backstop.

You will discover many uses for it, the bent model is easier to pick up when gloved.

The Sutcliffe-Boey all-in-one laser shield is perforated to allow it to shield lesions and freckles by limiting the size of the laser beam.

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Our best-selling microscope, the SZ2 Series features great performance, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

It is ideal for schools, scientific research institutes and industrial field. SZ2 can generate a high definition stereo.

image with large depth of view. The horizontal dual zoom knobs with detents are comfortable and easy to use.

Standard models as a system are available for your easy selection but its modular nature also allows us to customize for you.

The binocular and trinocular heads provided with zoom optics represent the heart of the SZ2 series.

These are backed by numerous types of bases and stands suitable to many applications.

A wide range of illuminations and imaging options increases the upscaling capabilities of this microscope.

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SZ3 Stereo Zoom Microscope features good performance and high quality at the most reasonable pricing.

Ideal for schools, research and industrial visual inspection tasks.

Low to mid magnification range from 7X – 45X makes this Microscope capable of a wide range of applications.

Quality optics generate high definition stereo (3D) images with good depth of view.

The horizontal dual zoom knobs with detents are practical and ergonomic to use.

Two pre-configured systems are offered at no frills to save you the hassle of tedious selections.

Either the Binocular Microscope (SZ3-110) or the Trinocular Microscope (SZ3-1100).

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Brand: Sigma Koki (made in Japan)

Developed from Sigma Koki’s performance-proven all-in-one guide with high rigidity.

Lightweight and cost-effective precision stages made in Japan is now available!

High accuracy ensures smooth travel, optimal for positioning and alignment applications.

The TADC range is an improvement in quality over TAM (aluminum crossed roller bearing stages).

A steel ball travelling on R grooves while in contact at 4 points secures stabilized load capacity in any direction.

  • Errors in terms of procesing and assembling is remarkably reduced
  • Cost of stages is lowered due to reduced number of parts
  • Long lifetime nad maintenance-free
  • Ball-contact structure allows high load capacity
  • Most significant improvements as compared to previous range: price reduction 50%; thickness reduction 20%; weight reduction 30%
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Brand: Sigma Koki (made in Japan)

High precision and rigidity for general applications, the TSDH Stainless Steel Stages prove to be versatile and cost-effective.

SUS440C is the main material used in the manufacturing of this product. To prevent rusting, the finish has been processed with electroless nickel plating.

By using an attachment pin, the stage is ideal for positioning while assembling with various devices.

  • Slide grooves are formed on the steel stage (bottom plate) and the moveable table (top plate).
  • The stage and the table are sintered and honed.
  • A steel ball in contact with R grooves at four points move along the R grooves to provide stabilized load capacity in any direction.
  • High precision and smooth movement due to rigorous fabrication tolerances and precise assembly.
  • The height (thickness) of the main unit has been reduced to the maximum possible extent.
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