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Dangers of IPL are not as widely published as that of lasers, however the damages can still be severe.

Do not take any risks and protect the only pair of eyes you have, especially operators’ who are constantly in exposure of IPL emitting equipment.

Three cost-effective designs available for your selection.

Brown color filter available upon request.


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Protecting the cornea and globe when performing eyelid procedures.

Made of stainless steel for optimised comfort and protection.

The Jaeger has a flatter standard shape with the inside polished.

The Khan-Jaeger has a more concave ergonomic design with the inside polished.

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ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper is thermal-sensitive from ultraviolet to infrared; applications include laser beam alignment, beam profiling, and component positioning. Range of operation – pulse width: 1ns to 30ms, power level: 5 mJ/cm² to 20 J/cm² with patient applications.

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The Gray Laser Blepharoplasty Kit is a careful selection of instruments and patients’ protective items to provide you a convenient purchase option.

All items are available for individual order.

Please refer to individual model number under ordering information.

The kit includes:

  • 2 Cox II (medium)
  • 2 Cox II (large)
  • 4 suction cups for Cox II
  • 2 Desmarres (1-12mm and 1-14mm)
  • 1 Sutcliffe flat
  • 2 David-Baker lid Clamps (1 large and 1 small)
  • 3 Castroviejo Instruments (1 curved needle holder, 1 suturing forceps (0.9mm) and 1 caliper)
  • 1 Adson 1-2 Forceps
  • 1 Khan-Jaeger Lid Plate
  • 1 Large Plastic Sterilizing Tray
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The measurement of laser power is quick and simple with the Power Wizard power meter.

This hand-held meter is a low cost, light-weight alternative to bulky, 2-piece thermopile power meters and probes, or traditional ‘meat thermometer’ probes.

This probe is ideally suited for industrial, scientific and medical applications.

Use it when setting up your system and as a service tool to insure maximum performance of your laser system.

Model PW-250 measures output power from ultraviolet to the far infrared (1 – 250W).

Automatic data hold and auto ranging make the Power Wizard easy to use.

Simply insert the sensor into the laser beam and hold it in place for a few seconds. The easy-to-read LCD screen will then display an accurate reading of average laser power.

To take another reading, simply push the reset button and the meter is ready to go again.

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Lightweight roll-around Barriers are highly modular and allows maximum fleixibility to suit your setups. Standard sizings are available in-stock, ensuring lower pricing and faster delivery!

  • ‘Daisy-chain’ together an unlimited number of Barrier partitions
  • Full 360 degrees hinging capability allows for virtually any layout
  • Light-Blocker Hinges constructed of same material as Barriers are designed for complete coverage, durability and neat appearance
  • Heavy-duty hooded and locking rollers provide portability and security
  • Barriers are flame retardant.
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  • Standard color, black with yellow seams
  • Special, eudermic laser safety material
  • Universal use for all standard laser systems with wavelengths from 180nm(UV)to 11,000nm(IR)
  • Two versions available combination of jacket and trousers or as coat
  • Available in all sizes
  • Pockets for your laser safety goggles and gloves
  • Easy cleaning (fir for washing machine)
  • Tested and certified by TUV Rheinland

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Extremely adaptable to existing setups and machines, Laser Safety films are flexible and easily cut to shapes or sizes.

  • Protective shield against damages caused by scattered laser
  • Stick curtain onto windows, glass doors and partitions in the controlled laser area
  • Made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride
  • Easily cut to required shape by scissors
  • Temperature range – maximum 40 degree celsius
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Our gloves feature special laser safety certified material. The innovative coating on the glove`s fingertips and palm protects delicate laser optics and optical elements from sweat and other liquids.

  • Certified Laser Protection
  • Good Temperature Isolation
  • Quality Cut & Injury Prevention
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable Wear
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Our range is ideal for viewable window protection, workstation viewing ports and optical table enclosures.

Benefits include durability and scratch resistance with excellent optical clarity. Meets ANSI Z136.1 and ANZI Z136.3 standards.

  • Protective shield against dangers of scattered laser beams
  • Attach onto windows, glass doors and partitions in the controlled laser area
  • Laser Viewing types are the most popular, in-stock items
  • Maximum allowable temperature is 40 degrees celsius
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The patent-pending Laser-Gard Barrier System offers a unique, customizable way to securely enclose a laser set-up on an optical table, thereby enhancing experimental conditions while afeguarding personnel from exposure to laser radiation.

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Toggle Action

The theoretical maximum holding or clamping force of a toggle action device is achieved when the 3 pivot points are in a straight line. To make allowance for external forces due to vibration and changing load conditions in industrial applications, the proper amount of over-travel at the centre pivot point has been carefully calculated to yield maximum clamping pressure, while achieving a positive locking position.

Holding Capacity & Clamping Force

All Good Hand Clamps are rated by their holding capacity. This rating is the maximum force the clamp will support when locked in the closed position without creating permanent deformation. This force is measured at a point closest to the base and diminishes as the end of the bar is reached. The clamping force is defined as the actual force being applied by the clamp to the work piece. This rating is not constant due to such variables as the location of force on the handle, amount of force the operator applies and the location of the spindle on the hold-down bar.


  • Hand grips are covered with an oil/stain resistant red vinyl for easy identification and to assure safety and comfort for the operator
  • All die-stamped steel parts are deburred, cleaned and zinc-plated finish to resist corrosion and creates a smooth and easy to clean surface
  • Heavy-duty rivets are used to maintain accuracy and to increase endurance
  • All heavy-duty clamps receive hardened ground pins and bushings
  • Flanged washers are supplied with all U-bar and open-bar models
  • Weld-on bolt retainers are supplied with all solid bar models
  • Toggle mechanism is designed to allow maximum clearance for ease of loading and unloading of work piece
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