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Sigma Koki

Improvement of the conventional design of kinematic mirror holders (MHG) . These holders are suitable for experiments which use a large number of simple mirror holders or for incorporation of mirror holder into production devices.

  • These thinned holders can offer larger space for adjustment work compared to MHG.
  • These holders hold a mirror at three points from the side in order to adjust the stress occurring when holding the mirror.
  • Retaining rings do not cause constraints on the clear aperture so that a large clear aperture can be obtained with reflected light or transmitted light.
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The ADD-50 Anti-Vibration Pad is the most basic, easily applicable and economical solution available to tackle vibration problems.

If you are looking to reduce vibration without the fuss or precise requirements, this is for you.

Commonly used as a base under machineries which generate vibrations in the high frequency range.

They can also be placed at the four corners of an optical lab bench or other equipment subject to vibrations.

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A selection of Laser Safety Eyewear meant to offer you full protection, no matter your laser type and wavelength.

We have narrowed down our selections to offer you a single frame design.

The CE Certified frame (Design Type #36) allows you to wear over prescription glasses and sports a clean-cut look. A wide variety of filters are for your selection to be factory fitted onto this frame, select from the ordering information below.

Most items are in stock and ready to ship.

Eye protection is only effective when worn, our classic series comes in a lightweight and comfortable style that is easy to wear and affordable to invest in.

Serving a global community of laser manufacturers, medical and in industrial UV/blue light system manufacturers, hospitals, clinicians, pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies.

Custom frequency absorption, alignment, UV/Blue light curing, photodynamic therapy and enhancement filters are available.


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The Uhing® Timing Belt Drives are based on rigid aluminium sections that are resistant to torsion.

Several T-slots integrated in the carrier sections allow variable application and facilitate fitting.

Slide blocks can be easily inserted. Power is transmitted from the timing belt to the load carriage via the belt joint mounted on the load carriage.

Uhing timing belt drives are made of high-quality material, such as corrosion-proof, hardened guide rails and robust, dimensionally stable timing belts.

They are precise, allow accurate positioning, provide high acceleration rates and speeds and have a long life.

Numerous accessories and the Uhing® SMS 2010 positioning and sequence control system complete the range of products.

  • Easy to install
  • Precise guide
  • High travelling speeds and acceleration rates
  • Wide range of types and accesssories
  • Enhanced mounting capabilities
  • Integrated carriage guide
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Bilz insulation pads, the well-established economic solution for vibration and structure-borne noise insulation in many industries.

Effective structure-borne noise insulation

Ageing resistance

Virtually unlimited service life with adherence to load values. High degree of levelling constancy.

  • Temperature resistance
    -20° C to +80° C
  • Chemical resistance:
    Excellent resistance to most commercially available coolants and lubricants, fuels and cleaning agents.
  • Vibration damping properties:
    Very high degree of vibration damping of up to 30%.

Download the brochure here for more information!

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Bilz levelling elements are used for vibration and structure-borne noise insulated machine installation. The maintenance-free machine feet guarantee the simple and precise levelling of machines and are available in many versatile designs.

The sizes and insulation pads are selected according to the application and load. The range of levelling can be adapted depending on the selected bolt length and the individual requirements.

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BILZ-VITAP® insulating table platforms consist of a portable, robust, powder coated metal housing with integrated Bilz rubber air springs FAEBI® or optionally with Bilz membrane air springs BiAir®.

They are equipped with very simple through to very convenient Bilz level control systems. A ground-finished hard stone plate lies on the insulators as a support base and solid base mass. They are available with and without a  connection to an external compressed air supply.


  • For very light and very small measuring or test equipment
  • Weight range up to 200 kg
  • Optical devices, optical microscopes, microscopes with a CCD camera,  inspection microscopes, small surface roughness and roundness measuring equipment, hardness testers, analytical balances, applications in industrial production environments,  laboratories and measuring rooms up to clean rooms.

Also suitable for the portable use of these measuring devices.

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Brand: Velmex (made in USA)

Strongly recommended for applications where long travel length and high loads are required in the applications.

Precision Lead Screws used in every BiSlides are manufactured by Velmex themselves.

This is to ensure they are of the very best in quality: precision rolled Acme thread, hard nickel plated for smooth, trouble-free operation and long life.

StabilNut (a Velmex exclusive technology) is a solid, low friction connection between the lead screw and the carriage.

It has an anti-backlash design with fine mesh adjustment for responsive rotary to linear translation.

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The Cam Machine Mounts have a long product life and provides great stability. Easily installed by adjusting the Leveling Bolt, the rubber base allows great adherence to the floor while absorbing strong shocks and vibrations. Comes in four different models for allowable load up to 4000kg. Features and Advantages

  • Quick installation by adjusting Leveling Bolt
  • Great adherence to the floor, rubber base absorb horizontal strokes and avoid displacement of machinery
  • Protection against corrosion by metallic bowl
  • Suitable for heavy machinery with strong vibration and shocks from horizontal and vertical direction
  • Long product life and provides great stability
  • Applications include: Plastic Injection Machines, Presses, Sheet-Metal Shears, Guillotines etc.
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Cox II is designed to conform to the globe, with a vault over the cornea. The posterior surface and rounded edges are highly polished to assure patient’s comfort and safety during wearing time as well as during insertion and removal.

WIth no bulky and heavy handle, each shield includes a suction cup for easy insertion and removal, ideal for blepharoplasty.

These elongated shields have an improved non-relfective front, which offers the personnel even more protection from the laser.

The Cox II H is also vaulted to the cornea, marked for size and has a safety ring at the edge.

Difference is that it comes with a offset handle that facilitates insertion and removal. The handle is near the lower lid to allow closure without the upper lid pressing on the handle and causing rotation or displacement of the shield, minimizing risks of corneal irritation or exposure of the globe.

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Neuromeka’s Delta is the world-class high-speed high-precision 4-axes Robot based on custom vibration suppression design.

In terms of payload capacity and workspace radius, there are two standard models.

D3 with 3kg payload and D6 with 6kg payload.

Neuromeka’s Delta Robots provide total automation solutions with custom grippers, conveyor belts and vision sensors integrated with PLCs in order to satify customers’ requirements for line automation.

Key Features:

  • FAST for productivity
  • PRECISE for variety of task with precision
  • INTEGRATED for total automation solution
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Brand: Honeywell (Sperian)

We offer a range of patented disposable eye patches for use with Lasers, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), low level Laser Therapy treatments and Microdermabrasion.

Thanks to these innovative products, cleaning and disinfecting patient’s or client’s eyewear is a thing of the past!

They are simple and quick to use, latex-free and hypoallergenic.

Remain securely in place during procedure.

The convenient tabs make them easy and painless to remove or reposition.

Unique design enables full access to temples, eyebrows, and nose-bridge, suitable for most orbital sizes.

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