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Machinery Components and Tech Solutions

Established in 1990, ISA Technology Pte Ltd based in Singapore, started out by designing and assembling automation solutions for the industrializing region. ISA is an abbreviation for Industrial Systems Automation.

Over the years, we have evolved and refreshed our business model, gaining considerable reputation as a respected distributor of Inspection, Laser Safety, Vibration Insolation and Automation related products. We have been adapting to the ever changing demands of today’s market and keeping in step with advancements in technology.


We have established long-term partnerships with quality brands throughout the world, enabling us to supply components, equipment and unique robotic automation solutions to our customers in South East Asia.

Perform quality checks effectively and enable remote visuals of hard-to-reach areas.
Never compromise on safety and explore our full suite of safety solutions.
Wide array of hardware, optics and vibration control equipment for your lab needs.
Accessible and intelligent technology to enhance your processes and empower your people.

In collaboration with Neuromeka and Cobotsys from South Korea, we are reinventing ourselves to offer our customers more comprehensive solutions.

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A short showcase of our products being used in various industries and applications. Ranging from supplying a critical component in a machine... to programming our Cobot to capture videos at retail events!

In partnership with Dollop, Glambot was developed to provide stylized videos optimized for deployment at shops and events.
Bilz BiAir®
Illustration of a static application with Bilz BiAir® PAS pendulum air spring as the optimum isolator for Polytec laboratory benches.
VE Cam
Newly launched cost-effective Digital Microscope from Vision Engineering aims to replace conventional microscopes on shop floors.