Perform quality checks effectively and enable remote visuals of hard-to-reach areas

Laser Safety

Never compromise on safety and explore our full suite of safety solutions


Wide array of hardware, optics and vibration control equipment for your lab needs


Accessible and intelligent technology to enhance your processes and empower your people


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In collaboration with Neuromeka and Cobotsys from South Korea, we are reinventing ourselves to offer our customers more comprehensive solutions. Visit

BILZ Vibration Technology AG from Germany is the market leader in Vibration Insulation products. Through innovation and continuous product development, we have the widest product range available to suit any budget and application. Find out more today.

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ISA Technology Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, was established in 1990. Representing our partners from around the world, we have built up a reputation over the years as a trustworthy and effective distributor of industrial products in South East Asia.