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Established in 1990, ISA Technology Pte Ltd based in Singapore, started out by designing and assembling automation solutions for the industrializing region.

ISA is an abbreviation for Industrial Systems Automation.

Over the years, we have evolved and refreshed our business model, gaining considerable reputation as a respected distributor of Inspection, Laser Safety, Photonics and Automation industry related products. We have been adapting to the ever changing demands of today’s market and keeping in step with advancements in technology.

A vision that provides us with a competitive edge over others by means of a comprehensive product range that comprises of Borescopes, Microscopes, Photonics and Laser Systems, Precision Electronics Hardware and Automation Components.

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Our Partners



Gradient Lens Corporation

For over 25 years, Gradient Lens Corporation has designed, engineered, and manufactured precision optics and optical instruments. Their range of Hawkeye Borescopes and Videoscopes, proudly made in the USA, are used confidently by the manufacturing, aerospace and piping industries.


Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering Ltd is a global leading-edge manufacturer of unique ergonomic stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems. Form in 1958, Vision Engineering has become one of the worlds most innovative and dynamic microscope manufacturers.


Optika Italy

OPTIKA Microscopes, with its almost 40 years’ experience in the field of scientific instrumentation, is worldwide known as a leading Company for optical microscopes’ production and distribution.


Radiodetection Ltd.

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in the UK, they are one of the leading brands of Pipeline Inspection and Locating products. Every product in the Radiodetection range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Their manufacturing operations are ISO 9001 accredited and products benefit from a range of approvals in specific industries.


Laser Safety



Honeywell is committed in their quest to build sustaining cultures of safety. Honeywell Laser Safety Products helps laser operators to build enduring cultures of safety that minimize injuries and maintain a more protective and productive workplace.



Established in 1983, Kentek Corporation has served thousands of laser users in more than 60 countries around the world. Kentek has everything you need.  They manufacture eyewear, barriers, curtains, signs, labels, interlock systems and unique beam control equipment including viewers and beam traps.



Bilz Vibration Technology AG

Bilz Vibration Technology AG was founded in 1985 as “Bilz Schwingungstechnik GmbH” to provide solutions for the isolation of equipment from vibration and sound. They are one of Europe’s leading vibration specialists serving machine and equipment manufacturers and the automobile industry and its suppliers.



Established in 1967, Velmex makes UniSlide, BiSlide and XSlide Assemblies. They are useful for moving a probe, sensor, antenna, transducer or other objects. They offer a precise, modular design, in a very broad range of sizes and payload capacities at reasonable cost.


Opto Sigma

Based in USA and Japan, they are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Thin Film Coatings, Optical Components, Opto-Mechanics, Manual and Motorized positioning stages. They accomplish this by continually working to bring you the best products, with the best selection from stock, at the best prices, all together with the best service available. Everyone at OptoSigma is committed to your satisfaction.



With their original technology, MEIRITZ SEIKI has developed vibration isolation systems (registered trademark: VISOLATOR) to protect precision instruments and environment from harmful vibration. Since their foundation in 1968, their vibration isolation systems have been widely used in all science and technology fields.


Minus K Technology

Minus K® Technology, Inc. was founded in 1993 to develop, manufacture and market our state-of-the-art vibration isolation products based on our patented negative-stiffness technology. Their unique one-of-a-kind anti-vibration tables are purely mechanical and require no electric nor air supply.


Siskiyou Corporation

Siskiyou provides a diverse range of micromanipulators, microscope sample positioners, motion control systems and modular opto-mechanical building blocks to Life Science and Photonics researchers.  Their goal is to offer the highest quality product at an economical price.



GOODHAND Toggle Clamps

For over 35 years, they have served their valued, worldwide customers by providing clamps that are built to suit a wide variety of industrial and OEM applications. Whether you need a clamp to push, pull, hold down, lock, position, or tighten, there will be something in stock for you.


ZAYTRAN Automation

ZAYTRAN, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high performance automation products, grippers and welding locators. They were founded in 1980 to provide the market with large capacity hydraulic valves. ZAYTRAN has specialized in the development of products that are able to serve extreme environments or requirements.


Diode Laser Concepts Inc. 

Diode Laser Concepts Inc. designs, manufactures and markets Diode Laser Modules. We offer both standard and fully customizable products. DLC focuses on providing OEM’s with custom laser solutions that are high quality and cost effective.


PIC Design

PIC Design has been a leading manufacturer of precision mechanical components for more than 50 years. PIC was the first company to satisfy the need for pre-engineered gear products and was one of the first mechanical “catalog” companies, inspiring many imitators.



Since 1971, Unicorp has been dedicated to customer satisfaction. Unicorp is a manufacturing leader of precision electronic hardware components, fasteners & handles



The original inventor of friction linear drives. Being able to mechanically convert the constant rotary movement of a smooth shaft into permanent traversing movements, the Rolling Ring Drive has made the name of Uhing® a synonym for this type of products all over the world. To this day, every product is made to the highest standards in Germany and used widely in the wire and cable winding industries.

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