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Cox II is designed to conform to the globe, with a vault over the cornea. The posterior surface and rounded edges are highly polished to assure patient’s comfort and safety during wearing time as well as during insertion and removal.

WIth no bulky and heavy handle, each shield includes a suction cup for easy insertion and removal, ideal for blepharoplasty.

These elongated shields have an improved non-relfective front, which offers the personnel even more protection from the laser.

The Cox II H is also vaulted to the cornea, marked for size and has a safety ring at the edge.

Difference is that it comes with a offset handle that facilitates insertion and removal. The handle is near the lower lid to allow closure without the upper lid pressing on the handle and causing rotation or displacement of the shield, minimizing risks of corneal irritation or exposure of the globe.

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Brand: Honeywell (Sperian)

We offer a range of patented disposable eye patches for use with Lasers, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), low level Laser Therapy treatments and Microdermabrasion.

Thanks to these innovative products, cleaning and disinfecting patient’s or client’s eyewear is a thing of the past!

They are simple and quick to use, latex-free and hypoallergenic.

Remain securely in place during procedure.

The convenient tabs make them easy and painless to remove or reposition.

Unique design enables full access to temples, eyebrows, and nose-bridge, suitable for most orbital sizes.

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Our best selling patient protective product in the medical and aesthetics sector.

Comes in either stainless steel or polymer, both are CE certified.

For close-to-the-eye aesthetic applications protecting against both lasers and IPL, suitable for 190-10600nm OD 7+.

These high quality eyecups ensure you will never have to worry about stray laser beams or strong light causing discomfort or damages to your patients.

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