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Dangers of IPL are not as widely published as that of lasers, however the damages can still be severe.

Do not take any risks and protect the only pair of eyes you have, especially operators’ who are constantly in exposure of IPL emitting equipment.

Three cost-effective designs available for your selection.

Brown color filter available upon request.


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The LightSpeed eyewear uses patented technology that reacts instantly to the IPL flash, darkening in less than half a millisecond (0.5ms).

LightSpeed offers excellent vision in the light state, allowing you to see pigmented and vascular lesions, while providing hgih protection during the IPL flash.

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Operators of medical X-Ray machines are frequently in the vicinity of harmful radiations. Protect your eyes with this stylish pair of glasses with fitover design, you can wear it comfortably over your precription glasses. The XRL frame provides great fit with adjustable temples. Side protection against scattered radiation and airborne contaminants.

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