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Lightweight roll-around Barriers are highly modular and allows maximum fleixibility to suit your setups. Standard sizings are available in-stock, ensuring lower pricing and faster delivery!

  • ‘Daisy-chain’ together an unlimited number of Barrier partitions
  • Full 360 degrees hinging capability allows for virtually any layout
  • Light-Blocker Hinges constructed of same material as Barriers are designed for complete coverage, durability and neat appearance
  • Heavy-duty hooded and locking rollers provide portability and security
  • Barriers are flame retardant.
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The patent-pending Laser-Gard Barrier System offers a unique, customizable way to securely enclose a laser set-up on an optical table, thereby enhancing experimental conditions while afeguarding personnel from exposure to laser radiation.

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Brand: PROTECT (made in Germany)

For safe field service personnel and convenient lab setups.

This Portable Laser Safety Barrier is lightweight and comes with a hand carry bag with shoulder strap for easy transportation. Durable opaque black material blocks laser beams. Sets up rapidly.

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