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Sigma Koki

Improvement of the conventional design of kinematic mirror holders (MHG) . These holders are suitable for experiments which use a large number of simple mirror holders or for incorporation of mirror holder into production devices.

  • These thinned holders can offer larger space for adjustment work compared to MHG.
  • These holders hold a mirror at three points from the side in order to adjust the stress occurring when holding the mirror.
  • Retaining rings do not cause constraints on the clear aperture so that a large clear aperture can be obtained with reflected light or transmitted light.
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Sigma Koki

High stability kinematic mirror holder with Sigma Koki’s unique locking mechanism (Nomi Lock™). Nomi Lock™ is a new type of locking mechanism that enables adjustment of the torque of adjustment screws. It is best suited for usage in interferometers and laser processing devices where beam displacement after adjustment is a problem.

  • With their simple structure, excellent rigidity and stability, kinematic mirrors holders are used in interferometer and laser resonators.
  • There are two types of mirror holders, a high stabilty model (MHG-HS) and a production model (MHG-MP).
  • The high stability model (MHG-HS) is fitted with large knobs, and allows adjustment of the point of support in addition to the two points of action as well as displacement of mirrors in the vertical direction.
  • When Nomi Lock™ is used in interferometer, the displacement in the optical axis will be within a single fringe.
  • Mirrors are fixed at three points on the lateral side so that the stress caused by fixing mirrors can be adjusted.
  • Providing large clear aperture of reflected light or transmitted light since retaining rings and the like do not impose any constraints on aperture.
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