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Brand: DLC (made in USA)

Diode Laser Concepts Inc.’s Uniform Line Generators are designed for the OEM customer looking for high performance at a competitive price.

Typical laser lines are Gaussian in their intensity profile; they have a higher output power in the center of the line with the power decreasing and fading towards the end of the line.

Although this is acceptable for many applications, some such as Machine Vision require an equal distribution of output power across the entire line.

DLC’s uniform line generators offer this equal power distribution with industry leading product reliability and affordability.

Our uniform line generators feature integrated electronics with reverse polarity, over voltage, and surge protection.

These compact diode laser modules are the smallest uniform line generators available with a diameter of either 12.7mm (0.50″) or 9.5mm (0.375″) and a length of 40mm (1.57″).

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