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The HD-500 is the latest addition to our line-up of microscope cameras. It boasts faster-than-real-time imaging with its 60 frames per second specification, made possible by a Panasonic Full HD Sensor within. The camera connects directly to any monitors with HDMI inputs without the hassle of setting up a computer. Image and video capturing are still possible via an 8GB SD Card provided.

Recommended for inspection, soldering or any other product manipulation applications.

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An essential component of any microscope setup, Lighting / Illumination options must be carefully selected based certain criterias.

Your sample type (reflectiveness), sample size, working distance, warm or cool lighting, expected lamp life etc.

We have a range of high quality Lighting options to go with our SZ2 and PZ4 Series Microscopes.

Carefully trimmed down selections so you can make the most informed and concise decision.

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A wide range of stands suitable for use with modular microscope heads of OD 76mm.

We have available many designs and sizes suitable for most applications in the research or industrial sectors.

Make your selections based on your sample size, requirement for bottom lighting, your existing work space etc.


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It has never been easier to get impressive images from your microscope.

All our USB CMOS Cameras come complete with software for image and video capturing.

Ready to use by mounting either onto C-Mounts on Trinocular Microscopes or insert into one of your Bionocular eyepieces.

Fuss-free setup using a single USB cable that provides the interface as well as power.

Our high value-added and cost-effective cameras have consistently met the demands in research and industrial applications.

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