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Brand: Hawkeye (made in USA)

Provide sharper, brighter images with all the powerful PRO features:

e2 endoGRINs lenses, multi-coated objective lenses, easy-to-clean mirror tubes, LightConcentrator and SuperNOVA Light Source.

Independant focusing makes video and still photography easy.

Pro MicroSlim (1.85mm) – This is the smallest diameter available, inspect fuel injection nozzles, precision components etc.

Pro SuperSlim (2.40mm) – Sharp clear views of microscopic holes, inspect small bores for burrs, surface finish etc.

Pro Slim (4.20mm) – Best combination of small diameter, lemgth and bright illumination. This is our best-selling for universal applications.

Pro Hardy (6.35mm) – Rugged & bright, provides 3X the illumination of Pro Slim. Best for looking into larger dark spaces.

Pro SuperHardy (7.20mm) – Longest length at 940mm, image is 2.5X larger and 1.5X brighter than Pro Hardy.

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