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The Uhing® Timing Belt Drives are based on rigid aluminium sections that are resistant to torsion.

Several T-slots integrated in the carrier sections allow variable application and facilitate fitting.

Slide blocks can be easily inserted. Power is transmitted from the timing belt to the load carriage via the belt joint mounted on the load carriage.

Uhing timing belt drives are made of high-quality material, such as corrosion-proof, hardened guide rails and robust, dimensionally stable timing belts.

They are precise, allow accurate positioning, provide high acceleration rates and speeds and have a long life.

Numerous accessories and the Uhing® SMS 2010 positioning and sequence control system complete the range of products.

  • Easy to install
  • Precise guide
  • High travelling speeds and acceleration rates
  • Wide range of types and accesssories
  • Enhanced mounting capabilities
  • Integrated carriage guide
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