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Brand: Velmex (made in USA)

Strongly recommended for applications where long travel length and high loads are required in the applications.

Precision Lead Screws used in every BiSlides are manufactured by Velmex themselves.

This is to ensure they are of the very best in quality: precision rolled Acme thread, hard nickel plated for smooth, trouble-free operation and long life.

StabilNut (a Velmex exclusive technology) is a solid, low friction connection between the lead screw and the carriage.

It has an anti-backlash design with fine mesh adjustment for responsive rotary to linear translation.

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Brand: Sigma Koki (made in Japan)

The SGSP Series of motorized stages incorporate 5 phase stepping motor and high-precision guide actuators to provide precise movements.

The stages are available in range of travel lengths and load capacities to meet your demanding requirements.

Uni-shaped construction with integrated rail is precision honed to provide maximum stability.

This construction results in a structure that resists the effects of pitch and yaw to provide the stability required for many applications.

Sigma Koki offers a large variety of motorized positioning solutions, suitbale for laboratory and OEM applications.

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