ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper is thermal-sensitive from ultraviolet to infrared; applications include laser beam alignment, beam profiling, and component positioning. Range of operation – pulse width: 1ns to 30ms, power level: 5 mJ/cm² to 20 J/cm² with patient applications.

  • Sensitive from ultra-violet to infra-red
  • Align external accessories to the laser beam axis, such as beam expanders, lenses, apertures, attenuators and power measuring equipment.
  • Burns for historical evaluation and comparison of alignment and beam quality.
  • The imprint on ZAP-IT® provides information about
  • Mirror alignment accuracy
  • Energy distribution, mode quality and edge definition
  • Vignetting
  • Secondary emissions due to uncoated or misplaced optics
  • Divergence
  • Optical damage in the beam path


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