Luxxor Light Sources are compatible with the full range of Hawkeye Borescopes and Videoscopes as an additional boost for inspecting larger pipes and cavities. Equipped with super bright and efficient metal-halide lamps, the Luxxor 35 and 50 Light Sources require the fiber optic Luxxor Light Guide, bring light and not heat to the Borescopes.

Luxxor 35 Light Source has a 35-watt metal-halide arc lamp, for very high brightness. It is 60% brighter than a typical 150-watt halogen lamp. Use it for dark, deep subjects and video or still photography.

Luxxor 50 Light Source is used during photography of very large cavities like the combustion chambers of turbine engines, marine diesel cylinders or tanks. The incredibly powerful 50-watt metal-halide arc lamp is twice as bright as the Luxxor 35.

Luxxor Light Guide connects the Luxxor 35 & 50 Light Sources to all Hawkeye Borescopes.The high quality 7 ft long guide is required to be purchased with the Light Sources. Light is transmitted through glass fiber optics which are surrounded by a protective stainless steel coil. High light coupling efficiency is assured with its 4.0mm diameter active area.

UV Light Source is equipped with a 200-watt mercury arc lamp, it is amazingly bright andallows users to easily switch from white to ultraviolet (UV) light. In the UV mode, it works best with shorter length Hawkeye Rigid Borescopes. When used in conjunction with fluorescent dye penetrants, it provides reliable, non-destructive inspection of mission-critical parts, such as those used in Aerospace and Automotive applications.

Liquid Light Guide connects the UV Light Source to Hawkeye Borescopes. The high quality 6 ft long Liquid Light Guide is the best choice for UV or NIR light through put. They are more efficient and less expensive than fused silica fiber bundles and you don’t have to worry about fiber breakages.

Model Number Adjustable Intensity Power Source Cont. Run Time Lamp Life (hrs) Weight (kg)
LXX35 Yes 110V – 240V Indefinite 50,000 0.45
LXX50 110V 2,500 2.4
LXXLG Luxxor Light Guide
UV-LIGHT Yes 110V -260V Indefinite 1,500 9.0
UV-LIGHT GUIDE Liquid Light Guide

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