Brand: Hawkeye (made in USA)

Provide sharper, brighter images with all the powerful PRO features:

e2 endoGRINs lenses, multi-coated objective lenses, easy-to-clean mirror tubes, LightConcentrator and SuperNOVA Light Source.

Independant focusing makes video and still photography easy.

Pro MicroSlim (1.85mm) - This is the smallest diameter available, inspect fuel injection nozzles, precision components etc.

Pro SuperSlim (2.40mm) – Sharp clear views of microscopic holes, inspect small bores for burrs, surface finish etc.

Pro Slim (4.20mm) – Best combination of small diameter, lemgth and bright illumination. This is our best-selling for universal applications.

Pro Hardy (6.35mm) – Rugged & bright, provides 3X the illumination of Pro Slim. Best for looking into larger dark spaces.

Pro SuperHardy (7.20mm) – Longest length at 940mm, image is 2.5X larger and 1.5X brighter than Pro Hardy.

Each Hawkeye Pro Rigid Borescope Kit contains:

  • Pro Precision Borescope
  • 90 degrees Mirror Tube
  • SuperNOVA Light Source and Charger
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Shipping Sheath for added protection (only for Pro MicroSlim and SuperSlim series


Model Number Probe Diameter (mm) Probe Dia. (mm) with Mirror Tube Probe Length (mm) Direction of View (degrees) Field of View (degrees)
Hawkeye Pro MicroSlim Borescope Kits
MS03-NVK 1.85 2.13 80 0 40
MS05-NVK 120
MS07-NVK 178
Hawkeye Pro SuperSlim Borescope Kits
PSS04-NVK 2.49 2.77 102 0 40
PSS08-NVK 185
PSS10-NVK 2.80 3.80 265
PSS14-NVK 350
PSS17-NVK 435
Hawkeye Pro Slim Borescope Kits
PS07-NVK 4.20 4.80 180 0 42
PS12-NVKK 305
PS17-NVK 435
PS22-NVK 560
Hawkeye Pro Slim Prism Borescope Kits
PS07-30-NVK 4.20 Not Available 180 30 70
PS12-30-NVK 305
PS17-30-NVK 435
Hawkeye Pro Hardy Borescope Kits
PH07-NVK 6.35 8.00 180 0 50
PH12-NVK 305
PH17-NVK 435
PH22-NVK 559
Hawkeye Pro Super Hardy Borescope Kits
PSH28-NVK 7.20 8.00 711 0 40
PSH37-NVK 940

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