All shields available in black or transparent yellow, black shield blocks all light and vision.

Yellow allows seeing of pupil, best for general anaesthesia and claustrophobia.

All shields are available in 4 sizes.

Bilateral Plastic Ocular Shields can be used with both eyes, comes with either suction cups or handles for insertion and removal. Sold as a single unit.

Unilateral Plastic Ocular Shields come as a pair for Left and Right usage, both with handles. Sold as a pair only.

Type Model Number Size Dimensions (mm) Color Suction Cup Handle
Bilateral (comes as one unit) 23-201B XS 23.5 x 21.5 Black Yes No
23-201BH No Yes
23-201Y Transparent-Yellow Yes No
23-201YH No Yes
23-202B S 26 x 23.5 Black Yes No
23-202BH No Yes
23-202Y Transparent-Yellow Yes No
23-202YH No Yes
23-204B M 27.5 x 24.5 Black Yes No
23-204BH No Yes
23-204Y Transparent-Yellow Yes No
23-204YH No Yes
23-206B L 28.5 x 25.5 COLUMN_4 Yes No
23-206BH No Yes
23-206Y Transparent-Yellow Yes No
23-206YH No Yes
Unilateral (comes in a pair) 23-201BHP XS 23.5 x 23 Black No Yes
23-201YHP Transparent-Yellow
23-202BHP S 25.5 x 25 Black
23-202YHP Transparent-Yellow
23-204BHP M 27.5 x 26.5 Black
23-204YHP Transparent-Yellow
23-206BHP L 28.5 x 27.5 Black
23-206YHP Transparent-Yellow

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