The LightSpeed eyewear uses patented technology that reacts instantly to the IPL flash, darkening in less than half a millisecond (0.5ms).

LightSpeed offers excellent vision in the light state, allowing you to see pigmented and vascular lesions, while providing hgih protection during the IPL flash.

  • *Increased viewing area of 37%
  • *Weight reduction of 27%
  • *Improved battery accessibility
  • Reacts automatically to IPL flashes and filter darkens in 0.5 milliseconds
  • Glare reduction factor 2 – 9 with permanent UV and IR protection
  • Clarity in the non-dark state for good visibility
  • Minimizes headaches and other adverse effects associated with IPL glare
  • Duoflex comfort cushion temples for long-lasting all-day comfort
  • Allows you to work safely and efficiently while providing good color acuity

(*comparisons are made with previous generation LightSpeed eyewear)

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