A selection of Laser Safety Eyewear meant to offer you full protection, no matter your laser type and wavelength.

We have narrowed down our selections to offer you a single frame design.

The CE Certified frame (Design Type #36) allows you to wear over prescription glasses and sports a clean-cut look. A wide variety of filters are for your selection to be factory fitted onto this frame, select from the ordering information below.

Most items are in stock and ready to ship.

Eye protection is only effective when worn, our classic series comes in a lightweight and comfortable style that is easy to wear and affordable to invest in.

Serving a global community of laser manufacturers, medical and in industrial UV/blue light system manufacturers, hospitals, clinicians, pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies.

Custom frequency absorption, alignment, UV/Blue light curing, photodynamic therapy and enhancement filters are available.

Model Number Alignment for Laser Type OD @ Wavelength (nm) Visible Light Transmission Filter Color Images
AHA#36 Argon / HeNe Laser 5+ @ 190 – 400 2 Purple AHA36 300x199
1.5+ @ 510 – 670
BGR#36 Visible Laser 5+ @ 190 – 400 29 Brown BGR361 300x200
1.5+ @ 440 – 470
1.5+ @ 532
1+ @ 633 – 640
AG3#36 Green (532nm) Laser 5+ @ 190 – 400 47 Pink AG3362 300x200
3+ @ 532

Protection against other wavelengths are available upon request.

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