Minus K® (made in USA)

The new BM-6 bench top platform offers better performance than a full size air table in a package

only 4.6 inches tall and without air!

BM-6 reaches a new price point and is extremely easy to use.

It offers 1.5 Hz horizontal natural frequency and a 2.5 Hz vertical natural frequency.

There is only one adjust ment and no need for air or electricity.

This is the thinnest, most portable and most user-friendly isolator ever offered at this level of performance per dollar.

“The Minus K® products, formerly sold under the trade name Nano-K®, represent an important enabling technology. By reducing building and floor vibrations to unprecedented levels these systems enable vibration sensitive instruments and equipment to perform at unprecedented levels. They are used in a broad spectrum of applications including nanotechnology, biological sciences, semiconductors, materials research, zero-g simulation of spacecraft, and high-end audio. Minus K® is an OEM supplier to leading manufactures of scanning probe microscopes, micro-hardness testers and other vibration-sensitive instruments and equipment. Minus K® customers include private companies and more than 200 leading universities and government laboratories in 41 countries.” Source from MinusK official website"

Weight: 35 lbs / 16kg
Dimensions: 457mm(W) x 508mm(D) x 117mm(H)
Approximate Payload Weight Range:
Model Payload Range
25BM-6 10 – 30lbs / 4.5 -14kg
50BM-6 25 – 55lbs / 11 – 25kg
100BM-6 50 – 105lbs / 23 – 48kg
  • Vertical and horizontal natural frequency are load dependent
  • Vertical natural frequency of 2.5 Hz and horizontal frequency of 1.5 Hz are achieved at or near the upper limits of the payload range
  • At the lower limits of the payload range, the vertical frequency is approx. 3.4 Hz and the horizontal frequency is approx. 2.5 Hz
Simple Set-up and Adjustments (purely mechanical)


Typical Performance Chart

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