The Cam Machine Mounts have a long product life and provides great stability. Easily installed by adjusting the Leveling Bolt, the rubber base allows great adherence to the floor while absorbing strong shocks and vibrations. Comes in four different models for allowable load up to 4000kg. Features and Advantages

  • Quick installation by adjusting Leveling Bolt
  • Great adherence to the floor, rubber base absorb horizontal strokes and avoid displacement of machinery
  • Protection against corrosion by metallic bowl
  • Suitable for heavy machinery with strong vibration and shocks from horizontal and vertical direction
  • Long product life and provides great stability
  • Applications include: Plastic Injection Machines, Presses, Sheet-Metal Shears, Guillotines etc.
Model Number Allowable Load (kg) Height Adjustment (mm) D (mm) H (mm) h (mm) Bolt Size M Weight (kg)
CAM-085 350 – 600 5 90 40 80 M12 x 1.75 – 90 0.68
CAM-090 600 – 900 5 90 49 95 M16 x 2.0 – 120 0.865
CAM-125 1,000 – 2,500 10 125 52 100 M20 x 2.5 – 130 2.16
CAM-170 2,500 – 4,000 10 170 57 100 M20 x 2.5 – 130 3.31

Selection of CAM Machine Mounts

  • When the weight of the machine is equally the saem as at each anchor bolt.


The average load at each anchor point is calculated as the total weight divided by the number of anchor points. Select the CAM Series which falls within the allowable load in the dimensional table.

  • When the weight of the machine is different from each anchor point.


Select different CAM Series according to their respective load at each anchor points. For example, the C Frame Press, the anchor points at the rear positions are higher than the front.

  • Stamping Press Applications.


For Stamping Press with 150 – 300 SPM, reduce the load rating of each mount by 50%.

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