Sigma Koki

Improvement of the conventional design of kinematic mirror holders (MHG) . These holders are suitable for experiments which use a large number of simple mirror holders or for incorporation of mirror holder into production devices.

  • These thinned holders can offer larger space for adjustment work compared to MHG.
  • These holders hold a mirror at three points from the side in order to adjust the stress occurring when holding the mirror.
  • Retaining rings do not cause constraints on the clear aperture so that a large clear aperture can be obtained with reflected light or transmitted light.
Part Number MHGT-12.7 MHGT-25.4 MHGT-30
Options Specified - UU UU
Compatible Optics Diameter [MM] Φ12.7 Φ25, Φ25.4 Φ30
Compatible Optics thickness [MM] 3-5 3-5 3-5
Clear Aperture [MM] Φ10 Φ22 Φ27
Number Of Adjustment Axes 2 2 2
Adjustment Tilt [°] ±3 ±3 ±3
Adjustment Range Rotation [°] ±3 ±3 ±3
Resolution Tilt [°/Rotation] 0.74 0.39 0.39
Resolution Rotation [°/Rotation] 0.74 0.39 0.39
Weight [KG] 0.013 0.067 0.067

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