For an illumination optical system and a simple experiment, it is not requested the low-scratch polishing for a laser. Reflectance and surface flatness is the same as aluminum mirrors (TFA) for a laser.

  • The dirt on the surface of the mirror can be wiped because the scratch-resistant protection is coated on the aluminum coating.
  • Reflectance of less variation can be obtained in a wide wavelength range from visible to near-infrared.
Material BK7
Coating Al + MgF2
Parallelism <3′
Incident angle 45°
Laser Damage Threshold 0.25J/cm²
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) 60-40
Clear aperture 90% of actual aperture or circle or ellipse that contacts 90% square of dimension


Part Number Diameter ØD [MM] Thickness t [MM] Surface flatness Rear surface
S-TFA-10C03-10 Ø10 3 λ/10 Ground
S-TFA-10C05-10 Ø10 5 λ/10 Ground
S-TFA-15C03-10 Ø15 3 λ/10 Ground
S-TFA-15C05-10 Ø15 5 λ/10 Ground
S-TFA-20C03-10 Ø20 3 λ/10 Ground
S-TFA-20C05-10 Ø20 5 λ/10 Ground
S-TFA-25C03-1 Ø25 5 λ Polished
S-TFA-25C05-10 Ø25 5 λ/10 Polished
S-TFA-30C05-1 Ø30 5 λ Polished
S-TFA-30C05-10 Ø30 5 λ/10 Polished
S-TFA-40C06-1 Ø40 6 λ Polished
S-TFA-40C06-10 Ø40 6 λ/10 Polished
S-TFA-50C08-1 Ø50 8 λ Polished
S-TFA-50C08-10 Ø50 8 λ/10 Polished


Square / Retangle

Part Number Diameter

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