A wide range of stands suitable for use with modular microscope heads of OD 76mm.

We have available many designs and sizes suitable for most applications in the research or industrial sectors.

Make your selections based on your sample size, requirement for bottom lighting, your existing work space etc.

Model Model Number Base Dimensions (mm) Height (mm) Vertical Travel (mm)  
Post Stand MA203101 252 x 200 x 24 245 NA MA203101 small 234x300
High Post Stand MA211101 320 x 305 x 16 455  
Fine Focus Track Stand MA221201 320 x 305 x 16 325 250  
LED High Track Stand MA225401 320 x 316 x 21 500 460  
LED Bottom Lighting transmitted through 95mm diameter Glass Plate Voltage Input: AC 90 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Big Base Boom Stand MA231105 394 x 380 x 12 396 NA  
Weight: 18.45kg



Pneumatic Arm (MA241102)
Revolution Degree 360 degrees free  
Size of Stand Clamp 140 x 130mm
Max. Opening of Clamp 238.25mm
Length of Horizontal Arm 250mm
Length of Gradient Arm 380mm
Max. Radius 380mm
Min. Radius 275mm
Vertical Movement Range 545mm
Max. Bearing Load 5.36kg

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