Our best-selling microscope, the SZ2 Series features great performance, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

It is ideal for schools, scientific research institutes and industrial field. SZ2 can generate a high definition stereo.

image with large depth of view. The horizontal dual zoom knobs with detents are comfortable and easy to use.

Standard models as a system are available for your easy selection but its modular nature also allows us to customize for you.

The binocular and trinocular heads provided with zoom optics represent the heart of the SZ2 series.

These are backed by numerous types of bases and stands suitable to many applications.

A wide range of illuminations and imaging options increases the upscaling capabilities of this microscope.

Overall Specifications


Heads Binocular and 50/50 True-Trinocular
Zoom Range of Heads 0.8X – 5.0X
Zoom Ratio 1 : 6.3
Max. Magnification Capabilities 4X – 200X (depending on eyepieces & auxiliary lens)
Field of View 1.3mm – 55mm (depending on eyepieces & auxiliary lens)
Working Distance 45mm – 220mm (depending on eyepieces & auxiliary lens)
Adjustable Interpupillary Distance 52mm – 75mm
Eyetube Inclination 45 degrees
Eyepiece Diopter Correction -8 – +5 Diopter
Optional Eyepieces 10X, 15X , 20X, 10X with Reticle and 15X with Reticle
Optional Auxiliary Lens 0.5X and 2.0X
Optional Video Coupler (for use with Trinocular Head) 0.4X C-Mount Video Coupler with adjustable screw


Optical Data


High-eyepoint & Wide Field Eyepieces Auxiliary Lens Magnification Field of View (mm) Working Distance (mm)
10X Eyepieces 0.5X Auxiliary Lens 4X – 25X 8.8 – 55 220
Built-in 1X Lens 8X – 50X 4.4 – 27.5 115
2.0X Auxiliary Lens 16X – 100X 2.2 – 13.8 45
15X Eyepieces 0.5X Auxiliary Lens 6X – 37.5X 6.4 – 40 220
Built-in 1X Lens 12X – 75X 3.2 – 20 115
2.0X Auxiliary Lens 24X – 150X 1.6 – 10 45
20X Eyepieces 0.5X Auxiliary Lens 8X – 50X 5 – 31.2 220
Built-in 1X Lens 16X – 100X 2.5 – 15.6 115
2.0X Auxiliary Lens 32X – 200X 1.3 – 7.8 45

Step 1: Configuring your Microscope


Microscope Series Stand Code (Click here for details) Eyepiece Code Auxiliary Lens Code Zoom Body Code

 1 - Post Stand

 2 – High Post Stand

 3 – Fine Focus Track Stand

 4 – LED High Track Stand

 5 – Big Base Boom Stand

 6 – Pneumatic Arm

 1 - 10X


 2 - 15X

 3 – 20X

 4 – 10X with Reticle

 5 – 15X with Reticle

 0 - No Auxiliary Lens
 1 - 0.5X
 2 - 2.0X
 Nil – Binocular
 0 – Trinocular


Example One: SZ2-110 (Binocular Microscope)

System consists of: Binocular Microscope Body + Post Stand + a pair of 10X Eyepieces

Based on optical data, this configuration offers 8X – 50X magnification with a working distance of 115mm.

Example Two: SZ2-3320 (Trinocular Microscope)

System consists of: Trinocular Microscope Body + Fine Focus Track Stand + a pair of 20X Eyepieces + 2.0X Auxiliary Lens

Based on optical data, this configuration offers 32X – 200X magnification with a working distance of 45mm.


Step 2: Selection of Lighting

Click here for options


Step 3: Selection of Camera (Eyepiece Cameras for Binocular and C-mount Cameras for Trinocular)

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