The advanced and complete portable crawler system for the pipeline inspection professional.

Outstanding picture quality

Ultra-bright LEDs and high resolution cameras built on a powerful digital video platform.
Most motorized inspection systems are complex and bulky. Many are difficult to transport and install, prone to weather damage and are complicated to operate.
The P350 flexitrax™ offers inspection professionals the ultimate portable crawler system.
This advanced and affordable system features the simplicity and transportability of a pushrod system while delivering the functionality and performance associated with complex and expensive crawler systems.
The P350 is a modular system, designed to meet the tough requirements of most inspection environments.

Digital control

  • Compact and tough controller can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient
  • Ultra-bright 200mm (8″) industrial grade TFT screen with anti-reflective protection offers the best picture in any light condition
  • Tough and durable keypad to control all the system functions and movements
  • Splash-proof keyboard for text entry and report writing
  • Digital zoom and picture navigation functions to explore, in real-time, the live video picture
  • Record full PAL/NTSC video and snapshots onto solid-state Compact Flash (CF) card
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology to send photos world-wide instantly (using a compatible cell phone and service provider)
  • USB 2.0 port to transfer all the files quickly to a PC or laptop
  • Compatible with P340 flexiprobe pushrod system

Rugged and flexible

  • IP53 and IP68 rated system
  • Self-contained power drum allows for van fit or portable use
  • Cable lengths from 100m (330′) to 305m (1000′) with a cable-end protection system
  • Automatic or manual retrieval mode
  • Manual drum available
  • Crawlers rated IP68 to 100m (330′), with inbuilt inclinometers and multi-frequency sondes

Power and agility

  • Non-steerable P354 crawler allows access in a typical 300mm manhole and pipe surveys from 100mm to 300mm (4″ to 12″)
  • Steerable P356 crawler for pipes from 150mm (6″) to 600mm (24″)
  • 50W (P354) and dual 50W (P356) crawler motors
  • Quick release wheels (rubber or abrasive) for all pipe conditions

Light and vision

  • Uses ultra-bright LEDs for a long, maintenance-free life and exceptional light performance
  • Choice of three high-definition cameras: forward view, pan & tilt or pan & tilt with 10x optical zoom
  • P350-CMOD Mimic display control and auto survey mode for easy pan & tilt operation


  • The P350 flexitrax system is a modular system and all its main components are fully interchangeable
  • Tailor the system to suit your business needs:
  • Choose between the manual or self-contained powered drum systems
  • Determine the cable length and crawler size to meet your typical pipe requirements
  • Choose any high-resolution (Forward View, Pan & Tilt or Pan & Tilt with 10x Optical Zoom) camera; each with ultra bright, white LED technology
  • Choose from a wide range and size of wheels, tires and accessories to suit any inspection environment
  • Use the P350 controller with the comprehensive P340 flexiprobe range of pushrods and cameras.

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