Representing the very best of our Zoom Microscopes, the PZ4 Series uses a parallel optical design that gives users a clear sharp image with genuine color throughout the field of view.

Stereo viewing angle is larger for accurately positioning and operating the specimens, while extending focusing point to reduce eyestrains.

Highly modular design, easily upgradable. Simply transform your existing Binocular setup to an imaging system by attaching a Trinocular Image Port!

Wide magnification range, capable of wide range from 2.4X - 320X, depending on optical accessories.

Overall Specifications


Heads Parallel Binocular
Zoom Range of PZ4 Body 0.8X – 8.0X
Zoom Ratio 1 : 10
Max. Magnification Capabilities 2.4X – 320X (depending on eyepieces & auxiliary lens)
Field of View 0.75mm – 100mm (depending on eyepieces & auxiliary lens)
Working Distance 32.5mm – 276mm (depending on eyepieces & auxiliary lens)
Adjustable Interpupillary Distance 55mm – 75mm
Eyetube Inclination 20 degrees
Eyepiece Diopter Correction +/-5 Diopter
Optional Eyepieces 10X, 15X , 20X
Optional Auxiliary Lens 0.3X, 0.5X, 1.0X and 2.0X


Optical Data


Wide Field Eyepieces Auxiliary Lens Magnification Field of View (mm) Working Distance (mm)
10X Eyepieces 0.3X Auxiliary Lens 2.4X – 24X 0.75 – 100 276
0.5X Auxiliary Lens 4X – 40X 126
1.0X AuxiliaryLens 8X – 80X 78
2.0X Auxiliary Lens 16X – 160X 32.5
15X Eyepieces 0.3X Auxiliary Lens 3.6X – 36X 276
0.5X Auxiliary Lens 6X – 60X 126
1.0X AuxiliaryLens 12X – 120X 78
2.0X Auxiliary Lens 24X – 240X 32.5
20X Eyepieces 0.3X Auxiliary Lens 4.8X – 48X 276
0.5X AuxiliaryLens 8X – 80X 126
1.0X AuxiliaryLens 16X – 160X 78
2.0X Auxiliary Lens 32X – 320X 32.5

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