Brand: Hawkeye (Made in USA)

The latest Videoscope from the Hawkeye brand has arrived.

We’ve improved the image quality in the new Hawkeye V2 with a higher resolution, more light sensitive camera, delivering bright, crisp, clear images!

The new 5″ LCD Monitor provides easy viewing, intuitive, easy to use controls, and photo and video capture at the touch of a button.

The 4-way articulation range has increased and the control has an improvement in feel.

It’s still compact, lightweight, portable and at the same amazing pricing while delivering great image quality.

Optional Close-focus and 90° Prism tips now available.

Noteworthy improvements:

  • 2X higher resolution
  • 2X brighter camera (see across the room)
  • More dynamic range to see both background and foreground
  • Bigger 5″ screen with 2X digital zoom function
  • Increased articulation angle with smoother controls
  • Optional 90º Prism Tip (prevents scratches and smudges)


Diameter 4mm/6mm
Lengths 1.5m / 3.0m / 6.0m
Articulation 150º up-down / left-right
Field-of-View 50º
Direction-of-View 0º, 90º with optional Prism Tip
Sheath Material 3 mil Tungsten Braid, durable 4-layer construction
Illumination Detachable Micro LED with intensity adjustment (through fiber optic)
Display 5″ TFT LCD (with 2X digital zoom)
Interfaces Mini USB 1.1 and AV out
Power DC 5V
Battery 2.5 hrs runtime, Rechargeable Lithium
Recording Media SD Card
Digital Photo Format JPEG 640 x 480
Video Format ASF 320 x 240 (playback with Windows Media Player)
All Hawkeye V2 Videoscope Kits come with Videoscope Probe, Viewing Monitor, LED Light Source, SD Card and Rugged Carrying Case
Model Number Probe Diameter (mm) Probe Length (mm) Articulation Optional 90º Prism Tip Sheath Material
V2 040 1500 4 4.0 1500 4-way V2 PTIP 4 90 Tungsten
V2 040 3000 4 3000
V2 060 1500 4  6.0 1500 V2 PTIP 6 90
V2 060 3000 4  3000
V2 060 6000 4  6000

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