Brand: Hawkeye (made in USA)

These range topping models offers smaller diameters, longer lengths and up to 4-way articulation.

Four models in diameters of 2.5 to 6.0mm offer 2-way articulation. Control the direction-of-view over a 240 degrees range

in a single plane using a thumb lever on the aluminum Borescope body. Field-of-view is 45 degrees except for the 4.0mm which

covers a wide 90 degrees field. The 8.0mm is 4-way articulating, contains 25,000 optical glass imaging fibers. All imaging fiber bundles

are acid leached, reducing crosstalk between fibers and increasing contrast.

Larger diameters have more optical glass imaging fibers, giving higher resolution and thus sharper and more detailed images.

An impermeable internal plastic sheath prevents entry of fluids like fuel or oil. A tough durable woven tungsten sheath surrounds the plastic, reducing friction and protecting the scope from damage by burrs and sharp edges.

Each Blue Flexible Borescope comes with a rugged fitted carrying case for protection, lighting sold seperately.


Hawkeye Blue Flexible 2 Way Callouts e1418111760280
Hawkeye Blue Flexible 4 Way Callouts e1418111776804
Model Number Probe Diameter (mm) Probe Length (mm) Direction of View (degrees) Field of View (degrees) Fibers Sheath
HBF 025 0700 60 2.5 700 0 60 7,000 Tungsten
HBF 025 1200 60 1200
HBF 040 1500 90 4.0 1500 90 18,000
HBF 060 1800 45 6.0 1800 45 25,000
HBF 080 1800 45 8.0 1800

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