Brand: Hawkeye (made in USA)

Incorporating an 18,000 fiber acid-leached imaging bundle, the Borescopes deliver truly excellent image resolution, sharpness, detail and contrast.

Lower cost alternatives do not deliver image quality nearly this high. Pro Flexibles also offer 2-way articulation, controlling the direction-of-view

to over a 240 degrees range in a single plane, using a thumb lever on the aluminum Borescope body. Lever can also be locked to fix a view.

Due to newly advanced optical design and construction, the Pro Flexible Borescopes are available in diameters 3.3, 4.0 and 5.0mm. The 3.3mm can look inside very small bores and navigate tight bends. The 4.0mm is perfect for specialized applications like aircraft maintenance inspection. The Borescopes are tungsten -sheathed and come complete with the powerful and rechargeable SuperNOVA light.

Each Hawkeye Pro Flkexible Borescope Kit contains:

  • Pro Flexible Precision Borescope
  • 90 degrees Mirror Tip (for 5mm diameter only)
  • SuperNOVA Light Source and Charger
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Kit
Model Number Probe Diameter (mm) Probe Length (mm) Direction of View (degrees) Field of View (degrees) Fibers Sheath
PFB3-NVK 3.3 850 0 45 18,000 Tungsten
PFB4-NVK 4.0
PFB5-NVK 5.0

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