Brand: Uhing (made in Germany)

Fast action clamping system for rolls, spools and static application. The Uhing Easylock is fitted with a clamping ring which is increasingly offset to the shaft with which engages in response to axial or tensioning forces, so creating an increasing friction contact. The greater the tensioning force, the greater is the clamping effect of the ring.

As the roll or spool is held firmly betweeen the fixed cone and the clamping cone, braking moments are able to be transmitted from the shaft to the roll or spool. The machine can thus be stopped if a fault occurs.

Main advantages of Uhing Easylock:

  • Shortest possible change over times
  • Also suitable for static applications
  • Modular system ensures simple adaptation to the task in hand
  • No tools required
  • Single handed operation
  • High tensioning forces on a plain round shaft
  • Also suitable for use with driven shafts
  • Simple transmission of braking moments to the roll or spool: emergency stop secure
  • Compact and synmetrical design
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistant against vibration
Model Number Shaft Diameter (mm) Holding Force (N) Weight (kg)
ELIII-10-S 10 400 0.23
ELIII-12-S 12 500 0.21
ELIII-15-S 15 700 0.23
ELIII-16-S 16 800 0.26
ELIII-20-S 20 1000 0.25
ELIII-22-S 22 1000 0.24
ELIII-25-S 25 1800 0.72
ELIII-30-S 30 2800 0.76
ELIII-35-S 35 4000 2.16
ELIII-40-S 40 5000 1.60

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