Shaft collar for smooth shafts/tubes. The Uhing U-Clip is the simple and low-priced version of the Uhing clamping systems. It uses a clamping ring, which is offset to the shaft and therefore clamping forces are provided. Like a bushing, the U-Clip is pushed forward against the to be fixed component and it automatically locks into position. To release, just pull the clamping ring towards the user (UC 10-16) or press at the side button (UC 20-22).

Main advantages of Uhing U-Clip:

  • Usage on both hardened and soft surfaces
  • Self locking
  • One hand operation
  • Synmetrical design
  • High self locking force compared to ball systems with inclined level
  • Corrosion protected
  • Resistant against vibration
Model Number Shaft Diameter (mm) Holding Force (N)
UC8 8 200
UC10 10 250
UC12 12 350
UC15 15 350
UC16 16 380
UC20 20 320
UC22 22 320
UC25 25 420
UC30 30 420

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