This unique air-gun attachment works more efficiently than a regular air-gun in dewatering, particles removal, cleaning etc.

PATA-Gun is equipped with a patented technology (2006-79234) and emits intermittent shock waves in broad angles, achieved by the high-speed rotation of its air spouting nozzle.

Detailed application examples and video here!

Effectively saving air consumption and time!

That is the reason why is it also known as the ECO-Gun.

Capable of 4 times the range of a conventional air-gun, you can easily shave off 2/3 of your electrical bill.

Model Air Flow Usable Fluid Air Pressure Temperature Weight Using Air Volume
SPG-25 100 ~ 115NL/min Air, Inert Gas Air-Gun0.4 ~ 0.5Mpa Fixed Piping0.35 ~ 0.45Mpa 10 ~ 40 degrees Celsius 113gr(attachment only) Air Volume100NL/min (0.4Mpa)


Jet Mouth Diameter: 25mm | Suitable for an application where a more focused and narrow area of coverage is to be targeted.

If a wider area of coverage is required , choose the SPG-40.

For a detailed illustration and information regarding force and area, please refer to our applications page.

SPG-25 (attachment only) SPG-25G (includes Air-Gun)
SPG-25_without-Air-Gun-S-300x103 SPG-25-S1-300x174

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