Brand: Uhing (made in Germany)

The RG series of Rolling Ring Drives are the original aluminum bodied traversal units. They are friction drives which convert the constant rotation of a plain round shaft into reciprocating motion. A unique technology first invented by Uhing from Germany, widely used in the Wire and Cable Winding industry.

They operate like nuts on a threaded bar, however the pitch both left and right-hand is capable of fine adjustment or set to zero.

This effect is achieved by using ball bearing based Rolling Rings which are designed to pivot about the shaft, their specially crowned running surfaces being pressed against the shaft as it rotates. High quality product made in Germany by Uhing.

Main advantages of the Uhing Rolling Ring Principle:

  • automatic reciprocating motion*
  • variable adjustment of traverse speed up to 4.2 m/sec max, also different from both directions *
  • variable adjustment of traverse length
  • high dynamics at the reversal points
  • low operating costs

*at constant speed and direction of shaft rotation

Model Number For use with shaft dia. (mm) Side Thrust (N) Max. Pitch Per Rev. (mm) Weight (kg)
RG3-15-2MCRF 15 110 11.4 0.71
RG4-15-2MCRF 15 220 11.4 0.86
RG3-20-2MCRF 20 160 15.9 1.33
RG4-20-2MCRF 20 320 15.7 1.53
RG3-22-2MCRF 22 160 17.2 1.33
RG4-22-2MCRF 22 320 17.0 1.53
RG3-30-2MCRF 30 260/400 26 2.70
RG4-30-2MCRF 30 520 26 3.20
RG3-40-2MCRF 40 420 33 4.40
RG4-40-2MCRF 40 840 33 5.30
RG3-50-2MCR 50 700 41 9.80
RG4-50-0MCR 50 1400 41 11.1
RG3-60-0MCR 60 1000 49 17.0
RG4-60-0MCR 60 2000 49 19.6
RG3-80-0MCR 80 1800 76 27.0
RG4-80-0MCR 80 3600 76 32.0

Indicate the model number of the Rolling Ring Drives in the above table.

Each model represents only one Traversal Drive, with no shaft, bracket and no motor.

*It is necessary for us to know what is the ‘Direction of Shaft Rotation’ you require* Download the file here for clarification.

An alternative is the ARG sub-assembly, by adding an ‘A’ in front of the model number, it indicates your would like the configuration as per image below.

Shaft and bracket included, motor is optional.

The following fields are required for us to quote an ARG:

  • RG Rolling Ring Drive model number: refer to specs table
  • Maximum desired traverse distance: in mm
  • Position of shaft extension: Left or Right
  • Length of shaft extension: in mm
  • Direction of shaft rotation: Left or Right
  • Motor (optional): your specs

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