Whether the application is to transfer motion or transmit power,

PIC Design has the complete range of gearing needed to fulfill any application requirement.

Standard gears and assemblies are available for operation on parallel and right-angle shafts, linear motion applications can also be satisfied.

Spur Gears

Designed and manufactured to mount on parallel shafts. Available in (inch) Diametral Pitch and (metric) Modules.

Miter & Bevel Gears

Designed and manufactured to operate on intersecting shafts positioned at a right angle.

Spiral Gears

Designed to operate at right angles with the pinion able to be mounted to mesh with any part of the gear.

Cluster Gears

Spur gears manufactured to be mounted on a shaft and another gear to be mounted on the cluster for use in multiple gear ratios in a gear box.

Helical Gears

Designed with a 45o Helix angle to operate on parallel or right angle shafts.

Anti-Backlash Gears

Two independent gears mounted to same hub with a spring between the two providing a constant full-tooth engagement with the mating spur gear, thereby eliminating backlash in the mesh.

Available in Spur, Worm and Miter Gears.

Worm & Worm Wheels

High ratios attainable in a single reduction with shafts at right angles to each other in limited space.

Pinion Shafts

Designed to be either supported by bearings or pressed into hollow shaft to operate with spur gear mounted on parallel shaft.


A gear with the teeth in a straight line, which produces linear motion when meshed with a circular spur gear.

For special gears including internal, sector, etc. please contact us directly and let us know your requirements.

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